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Uji (Fermented Porridge) Recipe

Ingredients ½ cup maize meal or corn meal flour ¼ cup millet flour ¼ cup sorghum flour Water Sugar to taste Put all of the flour into a plastic container and mix well. Pour enough water into the mixture to make a paste. Mix well, cover and leave the mixture at room...

7 Scientifically Proven Tricks To Eat Healthier

When it comes to adopting healthy eating habits, most people turn to fancy diets or meal plans that only seem to stick for a hot second. It can be tempting to look for those quick fixes, but instead of restricting yourself to certain foods, you might have more success...

9 Simple Rules for Planning a Wedding

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Planning a wedding can, however, be stressful. Below are a few easy pointers to follow when planning the biggest day of your life. Stick to your vision Brainstorm with your partner and decide what kind of wedding you want to...


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